A Walk In Their Shoes

Drawing inspiration from Lemonaide CEO Faith Thurston's previous humanitarian endeavors, the "A Walk In Their Shoes Collection" aims to amplify awareness for the nonprofit organizations collaborating with Lemonaide. These organizations tirelessly advocate for individuals facing dire circumstances.

Through a 60-day fundraising challenge, we aspire to raise $1 million. Your contribution to this collection will empower Lemonaide to furnish essential funds to its nonprofit partners, whose dedication mirrors the highest levels of empathy and aid for the most marginalized communities.

Furthermore, in addition to bolstering crucial funding for our nonprofit partners, each donation received will result in the distribution of a new pair of Converse shoes during the upcoming 2024 expeditions. These expeditions extend support to various villages, orphanages, schools, and survivors of human trafficking, all beneficiaries of Lemonaide's efforts through Roam Humanitarian or Illuminate Youth Trips.

Help Lemonaide reach its $1million goal by participating in our NFT collection!
As a token of our gratitude, everyone who contributes to this NFT collection will receive custom artwork and unique rewards for their generous donation. Click below to see the thank you items included with each level.
Together, we can make a difference.

A Walk in their Shoes Collection

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